The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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  • To find BowWow, go up two screens from the point just outside the forest with the Piece of Heart surrounded by holes.
  • To find the golden leaves, you need to talk to the monkey, who is two screens to the right of the castle drawbridge.

Switch Version

  • The first caves have some light colored rock clusters. Graphically, I read these as being destructible for bombs or some such later on, but they're actually just regular overworld blocks that can sometimes be pushed.
  • Magic powder can be used to light torches though it's only really required at the start of the first dungeon.
  • There's an item trading sub-quest that spans most of the game starting with a yoshi doll from the claw game. You can get it as far as the banana step early on, but that won't be required until after the second dungeon. The monkey at the beach is a red herring, you'll run into where you need the banana while progressing to the next area.
  • A ways into the game there'll be an obstacle you'll be told you need Maron to help clear. Supposedly, the kid by the rooster statue should tell you to look for her at the beach, but he didn't in my game.
  • In Mabe Village (where the game starts) there's a building in the North-East called the Dream Shrine. You won't be able to progress in there until you get the
    Pegasus Boots
    . Once you do it'll give you'll find a decent amount of rupees and the
  • Once you've completed the fourth dungeon,
    Angler's Tunnel
    , swim to the west of its entrance and enter the cave. You can learn a
    song for the Ocarina
    there that you can use to teleport to warp spots you've discovered (in the original GB release there is just 1 warp spot). When used inside a dungeon, this will warp to its entrance.
  • If there's anything rare/useful in the fishing hole, there will be a glow/ripple effect in the water. Useful for if you're just passing through Mabe Village.
  • There are prizes available at the Seashell Mansion for finding up to 50 secret seashells, while in the original game you'd only get prizes for finding up to 20.
  • Keep visiting the Trendy Game and the Shop in Mabe Village throughout the game, as both will update their stock/prizes as you make progress.
  • There is an optional item you can get after finishing the trading sequence (the item is a
    ). The information you need to find it can be found through in-game dialogue if you want to avoid using a guide. You'll definitely want to pick it up though, as it's a safe and efficient way of doing damage if your sword isn't an option (which is the case in some Chamber dungeons).
  • Speaking of which, there are some collectible items that you can only get by playing the Chamber dungeons with Dampé (mostly heart pieces and secret seashells). It's also a really good source of money if you want to afford to buy things from the Shop...
  • If you're the kind of person who finds the Chamber dungeons repetitive - but you still want to get the collectibles that come with it - you can get through some of the larger maps they throw at you by keeping the amount of chests you add to a minimum, as well as placing the dungeon entrance next to the nightmare key and door.