The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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  • Don't forget to also equip your skills after acquiring them.
  • Skull-level enemies aren't generally worth the trouble as the reward will likely be unusable or scale to your level anyway.
  • Don't get too burned out going for every ? on the map, especially in Skellige where many of them are just smuggler's caches located in the sea.
  • Axii works best in dialogue when the target is alone, using it in front of others is much riskier.
  • All Gwent-playing merchants reward you with a card when you beat them for the first time, and many cards can also be bought directly from stores. A man near St. Gregory's Bridge in Novigrad sells a book that lets you keep track of which areas still have Gwent cards to be won.
  • The contents of read books are stored in your journal, so non-quest books can be sold safely.
  • There are two "points of no return" in the game, but they are very obviously signposted.
  • On the PS4 you can simply hold the touchpad to go straight to the inventory, or swipe either up or down for the map. Also, holding 'Block' lets you use the d-pad to switch between Signs.

Combat Advice

  • Make use of the Bestiary to find the best ways to fight each enemy type.
  • Make heavy use of your Potions, Bombs and Oils as they only need to be crafted once after which strong alcohol items (which are plentiful) will automatically replenish them when resting. Only the powerful Decoctions are consumed upon use.
  • Getting surrounded will get you killed. Control fights and stay at the edges of them. Two rolls back is a great distance to throw a bomb from, to replenish a sign, to reload your crossbow, etc.
  • The crossbow will automatically aim towards a targeted enemy even without manual aiming. It's also your only method of slaying enemies underwater.
  • Hold down the attack button while on horseback to slow down time and make it easier to land hits.