The Wonderful 101

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  • You need to buy the block and dodge moves from the shop.
  • Keep an eye out for circles and other geometric patterns in the environment. You can trace these shapes, or draw circles around conspicuous circular objects, to spawn collectibles or sometimes even items or new heroes.
  • You can encircle small exploding enemies to convert them to your cause. You'll want to do this a lot fairly early on while you're still building up your team and you want to get to 100 people as fast as possible.
  • When a character's face cuts in from the side of the screen, that's your opportunity for a counterattack. All you need to do is pull out their weapon and they'll do the rest. Attacking while this happens will make you miss the window.
  • Enemies spawn in with colored circles. Defeat them with the matching weapon and they will drop their own weapon on death. These weapons are insanely powerful and give huge combo bonuses, so it's worth going for them if you can.
  • Failing QTEs is almost never an actual fail state, you just have to do it again. And it's worth failing some of them because the animation for doing so is hilarious. There's one in particular that unlocks an Easter egg if you fail it several times in a row.