Thea 2: The Shattering

  • The first thing you should do is click on the magnifying glass for your group and make sure you only use ordinary wood for fuel. Click on any other wood you have so it's prohibited, and uncheck 'Use new fuel items'.
  • On the same page, it's also better not to use raw food, until you have masses of it. Get cooking asap and use your first research point to get more recipes, so food is less of an issue. I forget its name, but the 'traditional' recipe choice is usually a safe bet to start.
  • You have a magic stone with which you can either make a swanky ring or build a settlement. I prefer to build a village asap because it helps improve your squad, research, etc. Ideally it should be in a place with lots of resources. Not ordinary bone, amber, iron, or plain leather, though, they're trash.
  • The settlement gets bonuses to various activities as you build structures there and like with most everything else the better the materials you use the better the bonus. Unlike the settlement totem you can deconstruct and rebuild the additional structures with better materials.
  • Use one of the tier 2 resources to build your settlement unless you're fortunate enough for a tier 3 spawn.
  • Settlements can eventually harvest resource 2 or 3 hexes away rather than just the ones adjacent to it so keep that in mind when you settle. Also look for wood, coal, and at least two food types within range.
  • The same food item made with different ingredients counts as a different food type for morale bonuses. Cooked food is also more efficient in terms of meals per resource.
  • Basic gathering bags are good to make early. Even a simple one made with leather can be a good early bonus. Generally the +% gathering/crafting is better than a flat bonus once the character's skill is above 10.