Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

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  • You cannot manually make the time change between night and day, however time will pass every time you fast travel, so cheese that if you hate fighting at night.
  • In addition to safehouses, you can also fast travel to towns and citie - ust put the mouse cursor over their names.
  • The correct way to fly a helicopter is not obvious! For maximum speed, what you need to do is hold the throttle up button to gain altitude, then pitch forward until the chopper starts moving forward and down. At this point, let go of the pitch button, but continue to hold the throttl - ou'll fly forward at a level altitude if you did it right (if you did it wrong, you'll just ascend again; hold the pitch button a little longer next time), and can pitch up down as needed with the pitch keys. You can also move forward and backward using just the pitch keys, and use the throttle buttons to change altitude, but this is slower than the correct method; this is meant to be used for fine-tune movement, use the throttle to traverse large areas. Think of it as a VTOL jet, where the throttle is your speed, and pitching forward switches you from hover to flight mode.
  • You'll end up with more skill points than you'll know what to do with, so don't worry too hard about going out of your way to get all the pickup - t's resources that are the bottleneck for leveling up, so don't neglect those supply raids if there's stuff you want to get.
  • Every time you take down a buchon, you'll get a video. To watch these videos, go to the cartel overview and click the "view kingslayer files" button over the picture of the division head (cardenal, beauty queen, el muro, el yayo). It took me halfway through the game to figure out where those videos were going. They're short, and they give a little backstory on who these people are and what's happening, they're worth watching imo.