Tom Clancy's The Division

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  • Assault Rifles and SMGs are the good weapons. Marksmen rifles are fine for leveling and specific situations in missions. Shotguns and LMGs aren't very good.
  • There's dick all to do at max level, so enjoy the leveling process. Get a signature skill of choice while levleing, they're worth the thousand resources.
  • You're going to want to get all three wings to 100% eventually, but missions, side missions and encounters will get you closed to max base by the time they get you to 30 in exp.
  • Don't be afraid to step into the dark zone while leveling if you find it fun.
  • Mobs scale up for the highest level member in the party. If someone offers to power level you on their 30, the leveling wont be much faster and you'll be fighting at least level 25 mobs that will one shot you.
  • For endgame stuff, bring some CC skills and heals. Rough target prioritization is Shotgun guys, snipers, healers, and then whatever else.
  • LMGs and Shotguns are actually perfectly good/great in The Division. A lot of enemies don't know what to do to you if you roll up real close, and shotguns can do a lot of damage if you do. LMGs can sustain fire way more accurately than assault rifles and are great for suppressing elites so teammates can chip at them with sniper rifles
  • There's really not a whole hell of a lot about the game that isn't super straightforward. The only thing that is worth knowing is that you can make a second character, get them to the HQ, and then use them as a weapons parts mule. When you're at 30 and grinding for parts, put a purple in the box, swap to your level 5 character, sell it, then buy as many of the cheapest green as you can, then store them. Deconstructing a purple will get you two blue weapon parts, but selling it on a level 5 and buying a ton of cheap guns will get you 5+ times that.