Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

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  • Pay attention to the virtue system as you will need to grind virtue in order to win. Make regular visits to the seer in Castle Britannia and ask about the different virtues.
  • Basically you talk to an NPC and ask them their "name" and "job", and type in whatever follows from that. If he tells you to go talk to someone in the next town over, do it. Better write it down, the game won't remind you.
  • Buy lots of food.
  • Look for secret doors; they're bricks with a dot in the center.
  • Nightshade and Mandrake Root can't be bought, only found in one spot. Stock up.
  • Guards are very tough, best not to fight them.
  • Don't use the Skull of Mondain except to destroy it.
  • Don't try to get to the Shrine of Humility without the Silver Horn.
  • Meditate for 3 cycles. Write down the image that appears.
  • The Abyss is long and hard. Best to have everyone be level 8, and have tons and tons of spells prepared.