Ultima VIII: Pagan

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  • You can grind stats, basically go hit something to gain strength (not sure if it has to be a monster or if you can just attack empty air), jump to gain dex
  • basic keyboard controls (running, combat mode) are mandatory; forgot the exact keys but holy shit don't play this game mouse-only
  • the keyring is one of the best items in the game, it's in one of the Tenebrae guardhouses IIRC
  • grab Devon's bedroll at the beginning
  • remember to activate the teleport pad, once you get the option to teleport around you'll probably want to return that way and not take the longer route
  • like in U7, pixel hunting/moving random items is a good way to find secret/hidden items/keys/levers.
  • inventory management is key, store different common types of items in separate sacks.
  • I assume you have the manual with reagents/recipes for particular spells? (if not, download one) Print it out.
  • remember your freedom of movement, sometimes you can get into a house through a roof/terrace when main doors are locked