Valkyria Chronicles II

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  • A Fencer is an absolute necessity for most of the maingame and is by far the most effective way of taking out bosses, especially as their counters will without exception oneshot anyone who attacks them. The tank/APC also works, but you generally want at least two units going at a boss to keep him turning back and forth, or they'll just dodge most of your attacks.
  • If you feel like min/maxing, go check a guide, find out who learns the "Max vs. Personnel/Armor" potentials, and just use them - once they learn those, their attack power completely overshadows everyone else's at all times.
  • Flamethrowers instantly destroy bunkers, turrets and towers. The usefulness of this cannot be overstated. Shocktroopers and the Tank/APC can carry them.
  • Speaking of which, the Utility APC with the Flamethrower turret is fantastically good. APC rushes can one-turn nearly every "capture base camp" or "defeat boss" mission. It's up against Light Tank B with a Captured Turret, which has obscene accuracy and damage, but can't carry units or all the useful mods - most of the time I stick with the APC.
  • Snipers are best used to pop out of a base camp, pick off a target, and return. Don't underestimate them.
  • Make a Gunner a commander (once you get an extra) and leave them in your base camp every mission. You'll get the extra CP and they'll annihilate anything that gets close.
  • Mortars are useless.
  • Anthem Corps are surprisingly useful.
  • Regular Techs are useless.
  • Entering in the codes for extra content will get you some very good units and a couple decent weapons for techs.