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  • Playing the game on easy cuts out a bunch of content. Normal and hard have some different dungeons, and some aspects of the game are randomized; it's meant to be replayable.
  • After finding a "Jewel Orb" in each of those extra dungeons in hard mode, you gain access to a final, extra secret dungeon, the Seraphic Gate. This is not possible if you play on Easy or Normal.
  • The big thing with the game is that you'll probably need an FAQ if you want to see the best ending.
  • I'd recommend playing the game once on normal just playing by ear while you figure out the systems. There's a bad ending if you mess up too bad, but it's extremely hard to get unintentionally.
  • Also, on hard mode every character starts at level 1, which means it's harder to level up more characters, but everyone gets more skill points so it's not actually harder than normal for the most part.
  • Look up how to get the A ending. It's very easy to miss, and it's 1000x better than the B and C Endings.
  • Artifacts are almost always worth keeping.
  • If you forget what requests Freya had for the Einherjar you transfer, save and consult the fairy in the Artolian Mountain Ruins.