Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector

  • Explosives are king for most early 'Nid mobs. They are reusable after a cool down and they are a guaranteed hit against everyone on the tile, so they can wipe out Gaunts pretty well.
  • Unless there is a timer go for the Xcom bounding movement followed by overlapping field of fire on overwatch. Don't be afraid to do a very narrow overwatch cone to ensure that you are hitting the Nids at a good distance to inflict damage rather than the first second you see them.
  • Melee units are decent in a scrap but their real benefit is that their ability to effectively threaten squares and get good opportunity attacks.
  • You'll unlock plasma guns before you strictly need them, but you will need them. Armor in this game is no joke and if you don't have a way around it then your team is going to get stomped by a single heavily armored Nid. This also applies to skills that give AT damage like Krak grenades.
  • Following up on that, building your teams around being able to kill individual boss Nids/small squads is important. Swarming, easy to take down Nids are a problem but due to the grid playing field it's easy to funnel them into a killing field. However, if you end up with a one-sqaure threat like a Synapse creature then the map will start to work against you because you'll need to fan out to get good firing angles on the beast, opening you up to attack.
  • Landspeeders suck