Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters

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  • There is no %tohit. Ranged weapons hit for 100% damage, half if your target is in half cover, and 0 in case of full cover. There is also damage dropoff from 50% range. When you move, you can see your LoS and damage that you will do at your destination to every enemy in range.
  • Melee is more powerful than range, but you need a way to get close.
  • Overwatch will get your guys out of cover as they aim.
  • You get full Action Points when entering combat, and also when killing the last active enemy. That means you can do things like sneak to a pod, trigger it with your last AP, get a full turn, kill everything and get another turn. Note that "in combat" means "an active enemy somewhere in the map", so if you activate reinforcements and run away, you're still considered to be in combat and won't get extra AP.
  • On lower difficulties, early on is hard to stun people because they die too fast. Your best bet is probably the Purgator Tackle, that hits for 1 HP and gives 1 stun. Executions are needed to extract seeds before specialised equipment AND give everyone AP, so its sometimes worth it.
  • Justicars are your tanks and can give AP to other people, Interceptors are blender murder machines and Purgators can either spec into ALL THE GRENADES or very good shooters that ignore cover and can act as auto turrets when your other knights shoot at an enemy. They also have a skill that doubles damage in an area. Apothecaries are meh, and their job can be easily substituted by wargear. Eventually you unlock 4 other classes, but that doesn't feel like a Before I Play thing.
  • Grenades are very good. There are plenty of cliffs in the maps, and knockback 3 is usually enough to remove a couple of enemies.
  • The game rewards aggression, but the Warp Surges usually aren't too bad (-1WP, -1 health, 0% resistance against afflictions, an extra pod...), so you can take setup turns here and there without much worries.
  • Good early upgrades are the thing that gives you materials, barracks upgrade and speed upgrade.
  • Don't be afraid to put wounded people in battle if you need to.
  • Do not place Prognosticators before the first guest mission, or be prepared to live with not being efficient about it.
  • Before the first guest mission, be sure to have at least the first speed upgrade.
  • To get the Seeds from carriers you have to crit them with a melee attack, it isn't enough to just hit them. The starter Justicar's special attack that gives +100 to crit is good for this, but if you can't do that then try and hit them for stun before you attack.
  • When you see the range of how far your guys can move when selecting them you can make multiple moves in that area and still only use 1 AP. This includes setting up waypoints to go around hazards and can sometimes be used to attack an enemy from a specific side in melee.