Wild Arms

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  • Remember that Cecilia's Mystic (Lv.1 Force) can be used on her own unequipped gear to reproduce a variety of her spells, without using any MP or binding any crests. This also works with other items (Heal Berries, Medicine, etc.), so you can use one berry to item all three characters at once, instead of three items and three characters turns.
  • As your Force levels accumulates, so does your attack and defense, and when you reach Lv. 4 you'll see "Condition Green" and get cured of any status effects. Condition Green's status cure is helpful against caster enemies who chain cast Sleep, if you survive long enough to reach it.
  • It is perfectly viable to never upgrade an ARMs accuracy, since Rudy's Lock-On (Lv.1 Force) guarantees a hit. This will keep you from building up Force levels though, as well as slowing your damage output.
  • Go ahead and use Rudy's ARMs on tougher, annoying enemies, even if it's not a boss. As long as you're not using up whole clips on otherwise killable dudes, you should be fine. You can pay (per bullet, but practically free) to refill any ARM in town inns, and the game provides you with a trickle of Clips from chests.
  • You can cheese Ragu Ragla by either stealing Frog Badges from Wojanoids in Abyss or by buying Goat Dolls from the black market and reequipping them mid-fight.
  • You can get extra Duplicators by fighting all four opponents in the Arena (which you can do multiple times), so don't worry about running out. You can also get more Secret Signs if you fight three opponents and then quit.
  • Once you get the Force Unit, put it on Jack and abuse Sonic Vision. You will accumulate Force so fast that you'll be able to use it about every other turn.
  • Rudy's Fury Shot is nice when you get it, but if you're upgrading his ARMs' attack power then you really won't need it at higher levels. The damage cap is 9999 and you should be able to get close enough to that cap with just Lock On.
  • Rudy's Twin Orbs and Jack's Slash Rave are based on Luck, although it isn't a guarantee that you'll do more damage.
  • Cecilia's Summon Guardian or High Guardian with Raftina (Love Rune) is a free heal for the whole party. The High Guardian version also does damage.
  • Get Jack's Heal Blade Fast Draw in Sand River. It's better than it seems.
  • Try to get the Necronomicon from Necronomics in De Le Metalica. It will give you a big magic boost.
  • You get the best equipment by fighting the secret bosses.
  • There is a bug you can abuse to get 255 of any item. Making sure that you only have ONE of the item you are trying to dupe, here's how you do it: Get into a battle and have Rudy use a heal berry (on anyone), then also have Jack use a heal berry. Then, with, Cecilia switch the inventory location of item you want to duplicate with the heal berry and make her Defend. Never farm for magic carrots again!