Wild Arms 2

  • For personal skills, don't buy anything else until you've maxed HP Up. The effects are not retroactive. Parameter Up is pretty awesome too. Lilka should max MAtk Up for sure. PAtk/MAtk on anyone else is mostly preference. Defenses are decent too.
  • Don't bother with status resistance skills since maxing them won't even make you immune. There are enough other ways to negate specific status changes, such as Status Lock. At least I think I remember it being in WA2. Don't waste points on any effects that happen at level up or near-death effects.
  • Also don't bother upgrading Brad's accuracy ever. You'll be swimming in more than enough FP to Lock On every round. So spend the upgrades on power and maybe an extra bullet or three. I like to settle on something around 90% accuracy for Ashley's weapons.
  • Apply crest caps liberally. It's an easy way to carry around free revives or an important buff until you amass a big pile of crest graphs. Even after that, Ashley can always use Accellerator to pop one without risk.