Wizards & Warriors

  • Save often in safe spaces and I'd keep multiple saves.
  • Some PCs have items you can trade for if you talk to them and ask Trade. You can also sell them items, and you can also steal those items if you have a character with high enough Pickpocket skill. This can be abused for certain quests such as one where you give a vampire a scroll and she will give you a key or ring. The ring is really good so after giving her the scroll, save and then steal the scroll back. Once she gives you the ring, give her the scroll again and she will start her dialog over and give you another ring if you ask.
  • A similar thing can be done for a quest where you find a magic lamp. Use the lamp and drop it during the jinni's dialog, get your wish, save and use the lamp again.
  • Ranged spells are pretty much needed against Jungle Lilies and Amazoni Mantraps. You'll know when you run across one when you suddenly have a team wipe.
  • With that in mind, you can run past most enemies. The movement, once setup, is a bit similar to Doom where you run faster if you're running diagonally. You can use this for skipping on water as well once you get the hang of it.
  • There's a bug with the game that it only shows a max of 20 skills and there's no scroll bar. If you go over 20 skills available total these are the skills that you won't be able to add points to but you can still train them at guilds: Traps&Locks, Pickpocket, Stealth, Forge, Artifacts, Enchants, Blessings, Gallantry, Prowess, Deathstrike, Incantation, Music.
  • There's also a buggy passage in the Snake Temple that gives you an item you'll need to answer questions later on in the dungeon. You can try to walk backwards and wiggle your way in or just look up the answers and skip it as that item only gives you the answers to the questions and that is it.
  • Create yourself at least 3 mule characters to hold stuff as inventory space is limited and there are no spaces to place items in the game. However you will have to shuttle them between towns. Valeria to Ishad is easy enough but you will want Create Portal and Teleport for Ishad to Brimloch.

Character creation and build

  • Character creation is super important to give you a leg up in this game and you can re-roll your characters as much as you want. In order to re-roll you do have to back out of the character creation and click on Create PC from the beginning each time you re-roll.
  • During creation, males get +1 to Strength and Fortitude and females get +1 to Agility and Presence. During creation you should be shooting for at least mid 70s for total stats when added up, including bonus points. You get to choose from four classes to start: Warrior, Wizard, Priest and Rogue. Two warriors, two wizards, one priest and one rogue is pretty standard.
  • Each clan works with some starting classes better than others, here's a quick breakdown of preferred classes. You can put any clan into any class if you want though.
    • Human: Any
    • Elves: Wizard or Priest
    • Lizzord: Warrior
    • Dwarf: Warrior
    • Omphaaz: Wizard or Priest
    • Whiskas: Warrior or Rogue
    • Gnome: Rogue, Priest or Wizard.
    • Pixie: Rogue or Priest
    • Gourk: Warrior
    • Ratling: Rogue
  • When assigning stat points, I do suggest you look up how many points are needed to get to the Elite class that you want, wasted stats just make you wait longer to change classes. After getting stats close to or at what you need for your class change DUMP THE REST OF YOUR POINTS INTO INTELLECT. Intellect is super important as more intellect means more points to put into your skills during level ups, getting stuck with 1 or 2 points to put into skills on level ups instead of 3 or 4 hurts a lot. The formula is INT/4 rounded down. So 12 INT gets you 3 skill points as does 14, you don't get another skill point per level until INT 16.
  • Notes on leveling up: When you change classes, you will only get 1 hp and 1 skill point per level until you catch up with your previous class level. Example: If you change to Barbarian from Warrior at level 5, you will only get 1 hp and 1 skill point until Barbarian level 5. However I do suggest early on to save scum for HP and Ability Points, probably the first 4-5 levels you gain in your base class so you can have a decent amount of HP and more ability points to change classes or to dump into INT.
  • Also, you can train at the guilds (Armory, Temple, etc.), once per level PER guild. That last bit is important as for example you get a level on your Warlock. Warlocks can be members of the Temple and Magic Shop, you can train in both locations if you have the gold. The trick is that when you change classes, you start at level 1 in the new class, so instead of 50k-100k experience to the next level, now you're back at 1100-1500 with enemies that will easily get you over that threshold and if you keep fighting, you'll just multi-level and lose out on training sessions. The idea is to get just enough exp on the now low leveled character, run/teleport back to town, get your training in and repeat until it level ups take 20k exp at least.

Unlimited money tricks

  • Early game: Every character starts with 200 gold and when deleted, the character gives any gold in their inventory to another character. So make your first PC then create throw away characters to delete and get the 200 gold from each. This is good early on to get some extra spending cash.
  • Mid game: Get a Rogue class character up to high enough level in the Pawn Shop guild and they can buy the Merchant skill. At the same time they should be able to buy Skull Daggers from the special items of the guild. You can then buy them for about $670 and sell for about $1050 at the same shop. Repeat until you have enough gold.
  • Late game: This takes more setup but gives insane amounts of gold. To start you need to have someone become a Ranger and get the Fletcher skill asap. Fletcher will have the character to create more arrows from existing arrows as long as they have a bow equipped and an arrow equipped. Also, once they have Fletcher, you can move them out of that class as long as they can use bows in the next class you choose. Next you need to have someone in the Bushi guild and to take the quest "Give the Dragon Arrow to Torin". Give the Dragon Arrow to your character who has Fletcher and wait outside town. Your character will create more Dragon Arrows after a period of time. Now you can divvy the arrows and give Torin one of them to complete the quest. The rest give back to your fletcher and resume your game. The Dragon Arrows sell for 1625 gold a piece and your character will just keep making more. You can compound this by getting a character or two into high levels of Blessing. Bless the arrows and they will start selling for more and more gold and your fletcher will just keep making more arrows. As long as you keep at least one Dragon Arrow aside, you can keep making gold by waiting around.