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8 March 2023

  • curprev 18:5618:56, 8 March 2023Ahobday talk contribs 4,855 bytes +1,361 No edit summary
  • curprev 18:5418:54, 8 March 2023Ahobday talk contribs 3,494 bytes +3,494 Created page with "* If you have some familiarity with Nioh 1 and/or 2, you'll probably recall that blocking was fairly strong there. The same applies here, but because Spirit takes place of Stamina in those games, you have to be more careful since if you hit -1000 Spirit, any hit at all whatsoever will immediately knock you down and you will probably die depending on the circumstances. * You can perform a deflect out of a block, so if a combo is too tough to figure out, just find a blow..."