Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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  • The game is generally good at explaining systems/concepts, and stores all of its tutorials in the tips menu.
  • At a certain point a few hours into the game, you meet a trader and the game tells you it will auto-sell any sell-only loot from then on. In case it's not clear, this happens at the end of every fight, not only when you speak to a trader. You'll see, after a fight, that some loot automatically flies towards your character and you're told how much money it was worth (the round target-like icon that shows up next to a number).
  • Even if you're overlevelled, it's a good idea to fight new enemy types. The items they drop are needed in gem recipes, so you might find you're missing them when you come to craft gems, and need to go back to find the enemies.
  • If you can't craft a gem level and it's been a while, try using the shoulder button to move to the next gem level. You might find you've got the ingredients needed for that level. You don't need to craft every gem level because your characters always use the highest level you've crafted.
  • The game doesn't explain this very well, if at all, but once you've crafted a gem it's available for all characters to use. It can be equipped on more than one character at once. This is different from previous games.
  • It seems that you the class points you get from fights don't contribute to learning classes from heroes/team mates unless the enemy you fight is within 5 levels of you. This can make learning classes hard if you're over-levelled.
  • There are apparently no missables in the game. Even if some things are not available for stretches of the story.
  • Early in the game you get a new ability and you use SP to upgrade that ability. It is possible to buy every upgrade, so you don't need to pick and choose.