Xenoblade Chronicles X

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  • If you have a disc copy you can go to the eShop and download DLC that installs game content to the hard drive.
  • Read the manual. Seriously it has a lot of info the game never explains.
  • For Basic missions never pick up a gathering missions because you can obtain the items before even taking up the mission. Every once in a while just check the gathering missions listed and accept anything that you already have the materials for.
  • For any Normal mission that requires you to collect something just look up the area to get it because you're never given a hint on where to find certain collectables.
  • Once you master the last class in a line you have access to that classes weapons for all other classes so there's no reason not to switch classes and try to master them all.
  • Arts you unlock are tied to specific weapons but Skills are usable for all classes.
  • Affinity missions will also unlock Arts for you to use so it's worth doing them when they appear (Not to mention they're usually pretty fun compared to Normal or Basic missions)
  • When you look at the map you will see that some segments are highlighted and some are not in NLA. Each of those slightly-brighter segments has going to be something done there, whether a quest, Affinity Mission, or Heart-to-Heart.
  • On the map view for non-NLA places they have different Icons. The icons that look like documents(Normal Mission) and two hands shaking (Affinity Mission) does not mean that there's a mission to pick up from there. Instead it just means you'll be going there for a mission that you pickup elsewhere.
  • Also every once in a while do upkeep on your Frontier-Nav probes. You'll need them for certain quests (Like have Frontier-Nav produce 150,000 credits) as well as Miranium and income. These quests aren't story-related at all, but it's worth persuing them anyway just as a reminder to sort your probes around to better spots and upgrade them once in a while.
  • Make sure you bring Gwin on missions and get his affinity up to at least one heart, because it's a requirement for one of the endgame story missions.
  • The top line of classes is your basic tanky classline and a good starting point. It makes you very hard to kill with Defensive Stance (or a glass cannon with Offensive Stance) and does a pretty decent amount of damage. Winged Viper's much more situational in its damage, and can get tricky if you don't have someone else who can hold aggro in your party.
  • You get your first Skell with your Skell License after Chapter 6. You'll notice that it's a Level 20 Frame while the store-sold ones are Level 30. Ditch it the moment you clear that level threshold.
  • Your first purchased Skell should be the Amdusias. The E-Scythe it comes with does an obscene amount of damage from behind, and the Skell itself is a literal melee tank.
  • Skells come with a limited number of Skell Insurance tickets for when it's destroyed. First three times it happens, it's covered. After that, you pay out of pocket. However, if you can hit Perfect on the QTE when your Skell's destroyed, you won't have to pay. This only works so long as you still have at least one Skell Insurance ticket left, however, as the game code simply doesn't deduct an insurance ticket rather than anything smarter.
  • Your party members will always hit a Perfect on the Skell Eject QTE, so as long as their Skells have at least one insurance ticket you'll never have to cover their losses.
  • When the time comes to pick a BLADE Division, just pick Pathfinder. The gains outstrip any other division's by a wide margin, simply because the actions used to score points for them are much more common. It'll mean you can get a Skell Salvage Ticket each day, which lets you recover a destroyed Skell without coughing up 70% of the Skell's cost to restore it.
  • Don't pay to refuel your Skells if you're about to quit the game - it keeps passively refueling while you aren't playing, so if you quit for the night and come back in the morning you will have a full set of tanks across all your party's Skells.