Yakuza: Like a Dragon

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  • Every time you see a new cab, go up to it and interact with it. You don't need to go anywhere, but the act of interacting with it adds it to your list of fast travel locations. Otherwise, unlike previous Yakuza games, new cab locations are never added.
  • Gear is a huge, huge boost to your defense and attack, especially early game. Saving up to buy shoes is the difference between taking damage and chip damage early on. Be aware the second dungeon in the game will not let you enter it until Ichiban has armor on his head, body, and feet in case you plan to blow your money everywhere.
  • The story gate keeps your ability to change jobs until chapter 4 when it makes you learn you can do it/how it works. After that point, if you want to swap jobs you need to physically go back to Hello Work and talk with Ririka, not the director.
  • When you go to a restaurant you may notice there are special combo meals that give perks. The easiest way to find out what they are is to order 1 of everything at the restaurant in question which will unlock all of them at once.
  • You gain no more bond XP with your party members once you've hit their lock until you do the dialog at the bar to progress those conversations, so always be going back to the bar to do their drink link once its ready.
  • Kasuga is a load-bearing protagonist. If at any point he dies, it does not matter how many people in your party can revive or how close you were to winning the fight, you instantly game over. So take more care to make him tanky than you necessarily would for another character, because eating a couple crits in a dungeon will fuck you out of a bunch of work unavoidably.
  • Once you get the ability to change jobs, change Ichiban's job to Foreman. This immediately unlocks an optional but very nice-to-have map traversal skill you can't get otherwise.
  • Even if you don't care for the management minigame, be sure to play it through the first milestone to unlock the 5th party member.
  • In the managment minigame, Tome Kamataki (the un-fireable grandma) can run a fully upgraded Ichiban Confections by herself around level 20.
  • Every job has at least two "character skills" which have a red icon even before they're unlocked. Character skills can be used no matter what job you're in; once Nanba learns Pyro Breath at Homeless Guy rank 10, he can use it in any other class.
  • Speaking of Pyro Breath, its multi-target effectiveness, like most area attacks, is best when set as a shortcut and used it right at the start of an encounter. Once the bad guys start to spread out, the only really good way to hit more than one is to to wait for a couple dudes to lined up and have Adachi use Reckless Charge on the farthest one.
  • I wouldn't recommend doing too much side content until chapter 5. You'll recruit your fourth party member, get the ability to change jobs, and unlock the major side activities including your main source of money.