Ys I & II Chronicles+

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  • Manage your expectations: the original games came out in 1987 and 1989, and while this remake has a lot of improvements, they're still 80s games at their core. They can be very tough and vague about what you're supposed to do (think Zelda 1). You might want to use a guide.
  • One reason to use a guide are the final dungeons of each game. They're hard to navigate without help.
  • The games are pretty short. Probably 15-20 hours for both.
  • The bump system changes slightly between the first and second game. Don't skip the tutorial screen.
  • You can save at any time from the menu. Do it often, as it can be very easy to die.
  • Avoiding combat can sometimes be necessary, especially at the start of the first game.
  • Grinding is pretty much mandatory. A higher level and new equipment can make bosses more manageable (except the final boss of Ys 1, for which you should be at the max level anyway).
  • You will regenerate health when standing in place, unless you're in a dungeon.
  • There is an infamous bug with the final boss of the first game. If your monitor's refresh rate is higher than 60, the fight is basically un-winnable. It's easy to fix if you know about it (change the display settings in Windows, the in-game options don't help), but it took me a good while to realize something was wrong.
  • Even when the final boss fight is working as intended, it's an extremely hard boss fight. Expect to die a lot.
  • Bosses are generally hard, so be prepared for that.