Nier: Automata

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  • There is no auto save
  • You unlock fast travel early, so you may want to do some story missions before going for side quests.
  • Some attacks aren't obvious. Jump and press Heavy Attack or Pod immediately do a special aerial attack. Heavy attacks vary depending on your weapon.
  • You don't have to keep pressing the dash button to run fast. You press it for a short while and keep pressing the analog stick in a direction.
  • Be mindful of enemy levels. You can fight lvl 20 mooks and then suddenly run into a lvl 50 enemy that will mess you up.
  • Leveling up weapons at weapon sellers can add combos and special attributes to them.
  • The story isn't finished until you get to ending E.
  • Don't play the prologue on hard, because you can't save, and dying will make you do the whole thing over again.
  • There are no difficulty-related achievements.
  • Almost nothing is missable. You unlock a chapter select after your third playthrough and can redo sidequests you missed.
  • Dodging at the same time as an enemy attack is called a perfect evade and has a special visual effect. A light attack, heavy attack, or pressing the fire button afterwards will each do a special counterattack.
  • If you have more than one pod, charge pod program button to use multiple programs at once.
  • Retrieving someone else's online corpse looks like it gives you chips, but it instead gives you those chip effects as a temporary buff.
  • Save before you eat the Mackerel.