SteamWorld Heist

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  • You can turn on the minimap and the ability to skip animations with a button press from the options.
  • Stick behind heavy (two tiles high) cover whenever you can, many nearby enemies will happily spend valuable turns trying to hit you through it. Be mindful of shots coming from above or below you though, and remember that tall characters are less protected by cover than short ones are.
  • Only headshots can inflict critical hits. Leg shots can inflict crippling which prevents movement for the next turn.
  • A weapon's critical stat signifies how much extra damage a critical hit will inflict, and is unrelated to its critical hit chance (which is 50% on most weapons).
  • Don't neglect sniper weapons just because the inability to fire after moving seems like a pain to deal with. Their ricochet shots are invaluable in hitting enemies nobody else can reach, especially ones carrying shields.
  • Long-range weapons are overall much more useful than short-range ones, making shotguns the arguably weakest weapon type in the game.
  • Healing items are nice early on but as the game progresses, mobility - and offense-boosting items such as Jump Packs and sidearms will probably be a better use for your limited slots as they make it easier to avoid getting hit in the first place.
  • Very large enemies block all movement through them, so be careful not to get yourself cornered.
  • The game only autosaves at the start of each of your turns, so it's possible to "cheat" and redo bad turns by quitting back to the main menu during your or the enemy's turn.