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  • Don't panic. You're not dumb, the game really is that complex. It's the whole point.
  • Everyone dies a lot, especially at first.
  • You can, and should, eat corpses. You can safely eat the corpses of every common creature except kobolds and rats. Even raw.
  • If you keep dying early on, try playing a troll, especially a troll barbarian. They're tough enough to survive a lot of the early game gotchas the game will throw at you.
  • Your first three talents should be Alert, Miser, Treasure Hunter, in that order. Treasure Hunter is the best talent in the game. (The other two are prerequisites.)
  • Spear and shield is probably the best weapon combination for almost every class. When in doubt, go with that.
  • You can make holy water by dropping water (or "watery potion," which is just unidentified water) on the altar of a god who likes you. Anything dipped in holy water will become blessed. A lot of items become much better when blessed, and it also allows you to remove (previously) cursed equipment.
  • Check out the ADOM Guidebook, and don't be too afraid of spoilers. The game is a lot more fun once you know how things work.(