Alan Wake 2

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  • You can always backtrack if you realise you've missed a collectible, though it may take a long time. Note that there is a point of no return, but the game makes it extremely obvious, and there are no collectibles after that point.
  • There are several missable collectibles, five videos specifically, so if 100% completion is important than it's worth looking them up.
  • Most weapons (aside from your starting sidearm and a weapon received during a specific setpiece) are locked behind puzzles, but keep an extra eye out for Alan's shotgun, it can be found before you enter the second overlap area.
  • Dodging is key to combat, you get i-frames and dodging the final hit in an enemies combo will stun it.
  • The game has adaptive loot drops, so hording items won't get you ahead. Use whatever you have available to you to survive.
  • Stealth is very viable. Physical Taken are harder to avoid, but you can pass right next to Shadows as long as it's dark and you aren't running.
  • Most Plot important rooms seem to reset enemy AI, so running past enemies to enter one is a viable strategy.
  • Use your flashlight burst liberally. It will reveal a weakpoint on some enemies, remove the darkness shield on others, and cause the rest to stumble.
  • Flares are a flashlight burst that last much longer and can be thrown. They're also a "personal space" emergency option that will cause enemies to back off and give you some space.
  • Watch for painted rocks and hung knit art while exploring, these will lead you to the lunchbox collectibles.