Aliens: Fireteam Elite

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  • Play different classes to unlock skills, since there is a lot of cross-class skills you can get to customize and strengthen your main character.
  • Smart gun is good, even if it isn't the hardest hitting gun. A great class to start with.
  • I recommend starting on Normal Difficulty and beating the base campaign. Doing so unlocks another class and the scaling is tuned for leveling the classes. If your group is competent enough at shooters and you find the difficulty a bit too easy and want a taste of Hard difficulty without actually playing it yet, you can turn off the xenomorph's being highlighted when you ADS in your settings menu. This is off by default on Hard+. It makes the game feel entirely different.
  • Challenge cards can be played by all three players in a squad but only one card will be selected to affect the mission. You can either co-operate to get the best bonus, or each throw up something you think would be funny to see what goofy stuff you'll need to put up with. Some of the challenge cards are kinda silly.
  • If anyone chooses Medic as their class, note that anyone in the squad picking up a medkit will refill the field station's charges not just the medic.
  • Most of the weapons at least have a niche, but some are just gonna feel better than others. That said don't worry too much about potentially wasting money on a new weapon that might be a disappointment, you will also be unlocking weapons via completing the campaign. There are unlocks for Normal and Hard if you want an excuse play the game again.