Ar Tonelico: Melody Of Elemia

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  • Always take the time to make sure your Reyvateil has a lot of Divepoints and go into their Cosmosphere to level up your relationship with them. Not only does this level them up, but by visiting various places in their mind you will gain new spells and costumes, which will give you bonus's. Just be warned, some of them are... interesting.
  • WAY later on in the game your Cosmosphere progress will grind to a halt until you get certain items from story related missions. If I remember correctly, Aurica caps out at a early point if you've been diving regularly.
  • The game isn't hard by any means. Just get used to the combat and everyone's skills and you'll have no trouble with any bosses.
  • There is going to be a lot of Innuendo. A LOT.
  • Unlike the sequel, there is no limit on how deep into each Reyvateil's Cosmosphere you can go. If you want to break the already-fragile game over your knee, you should finish all of the levels for each girl.
  • You will get a special prize for reaching Level 5 in a Cosmosphere, usually given to you the first time you rest after completing the level. Misha's in particular is useful until pretty much the end of the game, and it's recommended you get it as soon as possible.
  • The game does have a branching path and multiple endings. Generally speaking, if it looks like you are about to be given a choice on who to follow or what to do (edit: and the party has split up while you make said decision), make a separate save if you want to go back later.
  • Elemental bonus crystals and spells are amazingly powerful, since they grant additional damage based on your base attack damage. Throw 100 points into, say, Wind, and boom, double damage. This can get very silly very quickly.
  • If you don't mind being overpowered, throw as many of those crystals that drastically boost attack power in exchange for your defense. You'll be able to one-shot just about everything. Of course, you'll also be pretty much one-shotted by everything, so watch it.
  • You probably shouldn't use the crystals that convert your Reyvateil's HP to more MP for the final boss. Said Final Boss has what I think is the only attack in the game that can damage your Reyvateil in an unpreventable fashion.