Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

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  • Mouse and keyboard is a perfectly viable control setup.
  • If you want to stay locked on, don't even touch the camera stick.
  • On a controller, go ahead and swap boost to a stick click and assault boost to a button. Accidentally activating assault boost could kill you, while an accidental boost is safe.


  • Pulse weaponry does bonus damage against pulse armor. The stat that you are looking for is PA Interference. The first time this is relevant your strongest options for that are the starting sword and one kind of pulse gun.
  • Unless the boss is dodging/blocking your attacks, cannons and grenade launchers are probably better options than missiles.
  • If you die to a boss you can enter assembly and redesign your AC without redoing the level. This is also the reason to not sell things, since you can't buy from this menu.


  • About half of the levels that have part chests have more than one part.
  • You get nothing if you quit a level, so you can't just find a part or data log and bail.