Avadon 2: The Corruption

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  • If you want to have as many ending options as possible, you should always side with your companions, Heart Protus and the rebels in general, even in defiance of Avadon policy.
  • Make sure you do your companion quests, even if you're not using the character. The rewards are generally worthwhile.
  • For the reason mentioned above, keep all your characters fully equipped, including the ones you're not currently using.
  • Your characters have 3 skills paths. The level limit is 30, and you'll have just enough skill points to max out (or almost max out) 2 out of 3 paths (with nothing spared for the 2 stand-alone skills). Keep that in mind when building your character.
  • You get the (unlimited, free of charge) option to retrain your characters about halfway through the game.
  • The most important stat is the one for your primary attack . Melee fighters need Strength, range fighters need Dexterity, and sorcerers / shamans need Intelligence to do more damage and increase their to hit chance.
  • Attacking or using a special ability will end your turn regardless of how many action point you have left (if not under the effects of Haste). You can use one item from your backpack and move around a bit, and still launch an equally effective attack when you have 1 action point left as you would have when you had all 8. Early in the game keep your inventory stocked with food items, and chow down before hitting the enemy.
  • Abuse stairways, door and other obstacles to separate your enemies. If you hit one enemy and retreat as you kite them, you may not have to fight the entire group at once.
  • In addition to the above, if you can break off combat after killing a few enemies (stairways are great for this) your health regenerates and you can get back in the fight fully refreshed.
  • You can safely wear down sentries with ranged weapons while staying outside their range.
  • Though cheap, the teleport scarab is unexpectedly useful on your main character.
  • Buff items - potions, wands etc - don't sell for much and depreciate in value as the game goes on. As always, use your items instead of saving them for an emergency that may never come. The sole exception are items that buff the entire party - these are fairly rare and worth saving.
  • As with the previous game, there's no penalty for stealing whatever and whenever you can.
  • The supply of lockpicks in the game is limited, so you'll only open every lock with someone who maxed out the skill - but you can always come back once your main party has cleared out every monster in the area with a designated "lockpicker". (The sole exception is the Core)
  • Save any Arcane Knowledge Scrolls, Drake Skins and Pact Papers you encounter. Though they don't have a listed value, you'll find several buyers for both once the late game starts.