Axiom Verge

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  • The game gets pretty challenging but save spots are frequent. If it's been more than about 10 rooms since the last save spot you missed one.
  • There is only one ending. There is a bonus scene that is 30 seconds long if you 100% it so don't drag the game on longer than you find fun. I ended the game with a 69% item completion and was plenty prepared for the final boss.
  • The lightning gun is really great. Its ability to shoot through walls lets you attack enemies without putting yourself at risk, and is your most damaging weapon for some time.
  • There is a flamethrower weapon that made the final area much, much easier than it would have been otherwise, I believe. You can't get it until you've gotten the final traversal item, and is well hidden.
  • You'll get to a snowy area, and there is a pit you'll probably fall into. There is an item along the right wall you need to get to progress.
  • The alien messages do not become decoded through plot, it is a collectible that requires backtracking, and is a little obtuse.
  • If you plan on 100%ing this game, there are Secret World entrances that spawn in specific places, but it's random where they will spawn in your save and you can't enter them until later in the game. You can tell they're in that room because scanlines will start showing. You can't google where yours spawn so if you see that keep a note of it.
  • There is a quasi-fast travel hallway between the left/rightmost areas of the map, that you can get to after getting a traversial item in the rightmost area. There is seaweed hanging from the ceiling you may mistake as a wall, but it's just decoration. Don't be a dummy like me and assume it's impassable.