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  • You don't need to finish each puzzle to finish the game / make progress, if something's not clicking there's nothing stopping you from moving on (after the short and pretty straightforward intro/tutorial)
  • The story is extremely minimal / light. Don't push through the puzzle gameplay of you're not enjoying it - there is only more puzzle gameplay
  • The white / colourless puzzles are end-game content
  • After the introduction there are no hints / instructions (or they are very minimal & environmental). The community isn't very active & there's not many good guides or complete walkthroughs, so if you are a compulsive completionist this might not be a game you'll enjoy
  • Like many puzzle games, there's a lot of small 'Aha' moment to clear specific puzzles, but they're still fun to solve if you need the initial push from a guide/walkthrough/hint from the community to get over a specific 'Aha' moment