Battle Brothers

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  • When you're hiring people, backgrounds determine their base stats not their aptitudes for increasing stats in the future.
  • Stars on a specific stat are improvements to the rolls on level up for that stat, and are unconnected to the backgrounds.
  • Part of the cost of a more expensive brother when you hire them is going to be their equipment, so a more expensive brother is not necessarily a better brother beyond that he comes with more expensive gear (though certain backgrounds may end up being better).
  • It's often better to have fewer, better armed soldiers than a large number of poorly armed ones.
  • Armor always takes precedent over weapons. Enemies strike fast and they strike hard, and being lightly armored is a death sentence when facing anyone but the weakest enemies. You can get some decent armor for relatively cheap.
  • One handed spears give bonus to hit chance so start the guys with low accuracy out on spear/shield.
  • Carry extra replacement shields with you for when your pawns' shields break, which they often do.
  • Don't mess around with orcs. The goblins they use have some nasty tricks and the orcs themselves will just powderize even geared pawns if you aren't very careful. Stick with humans or the undead.
  • Figure out what you want to specialize each pawn in and build them around that, especially when it comes to per-round stamina. For example, if an attack costs 40 stamina and you have 80 stamina, then you can swing twice. But if you level up and make it 81 then you're not going to get any functional benefit from it.
  • Don't drive your pawns too hard in battle. There are a lot of great abilities they can use, but they exhaust your pawns quickly, and you don't want to have to take a rest round when surrounded by enemies.