Bayonetta 2

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  • Dodging is your bread and butter. Master this. Use a control scheme that is easy for you to execute dodges on a whim.
  • IMO your first purchase should be Bat Within. It's less about timed dodges and more about extending the window for dodging. Very handy.
  • Always be hitting something while in combat. Use your guns if you're too far away just to keep your combo meter from falling.
  • Aim to get gold or platinum ratings during combat, this will help improve your skills.
  • LPs automatically give you new weapons when you turn them in. Purchasing weapons is really only for your feet.
  • You can equip costumes at the chapter select screen. Some costumes just have addons that alter your default appearance, these you use like items.
  • You can eventually start crafting items. Stress healing items until you feel comfortable. The rest are mostly there for harder modes and hitting Platinum Ranks.
  • Explore each chapter. There's a lot of hidden stuff, including ravens that you need to collect (these fly away when you're near them so a lot of people never notice them) if you want to unlock stamps.