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  • You generally don't need to de-synth items besides experience gems and extra copies of weapons/armor from enemies. It's easy to destroy something you need by accident, but important items only give you 1 xp so it's easy to tell them apart. On the other hand, there's only one item in the whole game that requires items from other floors, but those are pretty trivial to get so if you really want more experience then go hog wild.
  • Barrier should always be in your spell list. I cannot stress this enough, if you've made it past floor 1 you already know this but at higher floors you will just get straight up murdered for not constantly casting barrier.
  • Always have your most powerful spells equipped. Spheric is a nifty little quick spell but by halfway through the game doesn't do enough damage to justify using it. Trigger boost is pretty good, and so is any poison spell that does damage over time. If you're playing on normal, forget using spells that give back health. They're not really useful enough to justify taking up a slot for.
  • You get an item at the end of the game that raises the chances of all item drops. Don't use it. It cuts your level so you do almost no damage. When you get that item, one of the recipes on the next floor is for an item that does the same thing, but better. Don't use that either. In the time you'll take to kill something with one of those on you could run the stage twice, depending on what level you are.
  • You might want to make the Inhibitors as soon as possible every floor, but don't. It's actually better to do a few battles to get used to whatever the gimmick is so when you unlock the door you won't be blindsided and get the crap beaten out of you.
  • Any accessory that cuts cooldown time on spells (not just inital cooldown, that one's pretty dumb) is pretty amazing.