Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

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  • It's a good idea to explore your surroundings off the main path. You may come across permanent upgrades. Or find a handy spell/weapon that may prove invaluable on the main quest.
  • Heart of darkness (the consumable item to revive and restore health) isn't infinite to find. Best to keep an eye on your supply. Alternatively there is a place to gain more hearts locked somewhere obscurely. Theoretically gaining an infinite amount by sacrificing blood.
  • The spell ‘repel’ is incredibly useful to remove some annoyances from nearly all attacks.
  • Puzzles may require you to use a spell or transformation. If you’re stuck, you may have missed a vital spell to help you overcome some obstacles.
  • If you see a bat portrait when you step on certain red sigils, try activating it to immediately head to your next destination.
  • The game has cheats. So if you’re stuck in a pickle and need health/magic use the following button commands. If you’re on PC:
    • Refill Health - Up - Right - Attack - Action - Up - Down - Right - Left
    • Refill Magic - Right - Right - Attack - Action - Up - Down - Right - Left
    • Preview Diary - Left - Right - Attack - Action - Up - Down - Right - Left
    • 100% Health - attack, shift, shift, forward, attack, enter, enter