Blue Fire

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  • This isn't the kind of game where you can permanently miss anything or make 'wrong' choices. You can stop reading here if you want to experience it blind and you will be fine.
  • Some good things you can spend your early ore on are: The increased size ore pouch, more fire essence slots, and the spirit that doubles ore gain. These are all available in Stoneheart City.
  • The "wall run" upgrade also doubles as a regular wall jump. If you let go of the analog stick while your guy is on the wall, he will just stay still and won't start running along it.
  • You can parry almost everything, including ranged attacks. Notably, if you parry the fireballs from the fire worms, it will reflect the fireball back at them and kill them.
  • Stacking the platforming spirits will make you more adept at platforming. If you have trouble with a void, come back later with some more platforming spirits and you may be able to bypass most of the obstacles in the void.
  • But that also makes you a bit overpowered in story dungeons. I tried not to, but it seems like it would be possible to lock yourself out of being able to open some locked rooms in a dungeon if you decided to use fancy platforming spirits to skip rooms and go in the wrong direction. So if you go through a story dungeon while having extreme platforming spirits, try to go through the locked doors in the order the game would want you to go if you didn't have those skills.
  • Since this is a metroidvania, keep track of things you find that you can't access yet. Though some upgrades are acquired like Zelda dungeon items, some other pretty major upgrades are hidden past nonchalant seeming obstacles, like an unassuming early platform you can't quite jump to yet, or a random npc who asks for money. The world is actually pretty small and there are almost no 'filler' areas that don't have something important in them.
  • The only thing you can spend the drops you get from killing enemies on is upgrading mana at shrines.
  • The only thing you can spend the collectibles you find in voids on is upgrading spirit slots (try to collect them all because spirit slots are really useful).
  • The only purpose of the emerald/ruby/sapphire items, and most of the emote panel chest items, is selling them for ore. (Though a couple emote panel chests have new weapons/armor)
  • To access the DLC, beat the game and then head through the now-glowing door at the very end of Fire Keep.