Burnout: Paradise

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  • Do all burning routes as soon as you get new cars. You unlock cool variants of the cars and they get harder to do as you progress in license ranks as more traffic appears on the roads. You also only have to do them once so it greatly reduces the amount of stuff you need to do to get your elite license.
  • Stunt jumps are the easiest of the "collectables" to do and doing all of them nets you a pretty sweet car that will see you through a lot of stuff.
  • Aggression cars are usually the best for Marked Man events. Slow and steady will see you through most of them. When you get the real tank vehicles like the Carson Van it will be very hard for the cars to knock you off course. The faster you go the easier it will be for them.
  • 90% of people online use the police F1 car so unless you have it yourself you're probably going to be vastly outclassed until you do. There's occasionally people out there who realize that using it exclusively is pretty lame.
  • The key to stunt runs is not to crash and do not hold down the boost. Tap boost when your combo is about to end and it will reset the gauge, giving you more time.
  • Burnout's kind of like the theory of relativity. The faster you go, the more crazy stuff happens. You go as fast as you can, the physics start breaking down. You can sometimes run into cars head-on and not crash. You can skim off walls. You can pick up other cars and toss them aside, or hit them in the side in mid-air and send them flying. Drive like a madman.
  • For Burnout: Paradise, if you're on PC, get a 360 controller or a racing wheel or something that has analog input.