Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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  • The M16 is the best weapon in multiplayer.
  • Never sprint around corners in multiplayer.
  • Pick a gun and stick with it till you can start running around confidently on most maps (A good starting gun is the M4, though the M16 is a better gun, it can be hard to control the 3 round burst at close range).
  • Perks, usually I stick with stopping power for red, steady aim or extreme conditioning (depending on the gun) for green, and bandoleer or extra frags/special grenades for blue (I view using 3 frags as bs in cod 4 since the maps are so small but it is a very good perk).
  • NEVER run around corners if there is no team mate around the corner...EVER, always peak first.
  • Watch for people with nade spots, this usually occurs in at the start of rounds of Search and Destroy and can be horribly effective, and try and learn some yourself...I mean why not?
  • The red dot aimer is your friend, it brings all guns to an even level in my eyes. The scope has too much movement to be as accurate as the red dot even at long range.
  • Just because you just stunned someone doesn't mean he still can't shoot you, so be careful.
  • There is no shame in running to stay alive in an online game.
  • Watch for areas with long lines of sight, sniping in this game is fairly easy and people will abuse it, think playing CSS with the AWP.
  • KEEP MOVING, don't stay in one spot for too long, but you have to be the judge of that depending on game mode/map.
  • Don't let people think. If you have him pinned behind something cook a grenade (another very useful skill) and try and make it explode before hitting the ground so he doesn't have time to run.
  • Stealth can be fun but I would say stay away from going with a full stealth load out until you get used to at least one gun and its iron sights.
  • And if all else fails grab a LMG and just unload with deeper impact. Cause hey its just a game.