Chants of Sennaar

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  • The journal gives you 20 characters for guessing a glyph’s meaning. If you have multiple hypotheses, you can enter all of them and narrow it down later. It doesn’t have to be a specific word – eg you can enter “insulting adjective” or “warrior verb” if that’s your best guess.
  • Remember you can use the middle mouse button to reveal which objects or paths you haven’t interacted with yet. Make sure to click on everything and talk to every NPC, otherwise you might not unlock all the journal pages.
  • It might be helpful to take notes with a pen and notebook as you play, to write down useful patterns you notice.
  • The map can be hard to navigate. When you reach a place you will have to return to (e.g. because you don’t have a required item), note down its location and how to get there to make backtracking easier.
  • If the ending seems underwhelming, keep playing.