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  • Every class has at least two Legendary Sets per tree/element. If there is a playstyle you like for a given element, odds are there is a Set that boosts it. So don't feel pigeonholed to play a specific way. Also, respecs are free so go nuts trying things out. Talk to the old man who gives you quests for a respec or to move points around.
  • All the trees are viable, though I wouldn't say they're all equal in power level. If something seems interesting, go for it. You can almost certainly make it work just fine.
  • It's okay to start on Heroic (though the first half to two-thirds of Act 1 will be slow going), but I wouldn't start a fresh character above that.
  • Hardcore is totally viable solo, and I would even say blind. There's no jumping across instant death pits or "press X to not die" moments in the story.
  • If you truly have no idea what class you want to play, Templar is the easiest of the bunch and has a bunch of diverse playstyles based on the given sets and elements.
  • There are tons of customizable options for just about anything you'd want to tweak in the settings menu. Change the combat text, what health bars are visible, etc. But there's also auto loot under the loot filter settings, which will save you a ton of clicking and hassle and even has the ability to make individual profiles you can swap between or have them for individual characters.
  • Attacks that are "Evaded" or "Blocked" are not negated. They still apply on-hit effects and act otherwise as if they've hit the target. So this means an evaded attack won't hit an enemy behind that target (without some form passive that makes the ability penetrate or chain), but also that you can apply Damage Over Time effects even to evasive targets. It makes having at least one source of DoTs, be it an item effect or a skill, very handy for dealing with ghosts and such.