Citizen Sleeper

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  • You have 3 resources on the top of your screen.
  • The first is 'Flickering'. That's a measure of how damaged your android body is. Don't let it go to zero.
  • Under flickering you have 5 dice. The amount of flickering determines how many dice you get. At under 80% flickering you only have 4 dice.
  • Dice are used to take some actions in the game. So if you want to work a job you spend a die. Broadly speaking the higher rolled dice will give you better outputs on jobs. Some jobs would prefer you have lower die rolls (hacking). This makes all the outcomes usable.
  • The dice reset on rest.
  • Under that you have energy. Some tasks give you energy, some take it away. I was never close to being close to zero energy but I think letting it run out would be bad.
  • You can also gains perks. By far the most important one seems to be the one that lets you re-roll your dice when you wake up. You know in advance most of the time what things you want to do and how many pips you need. If you know you got some bad rolls just re-rolling would save you a lot of heartbreak.
  • You're probably not in as dire need of money as you think at first. There are a lot of ways to make it.
  • You'll get enough level ups to buy almost the entire skill grid. You'll want to bee-line the upgrade to turn scrap into condition (the yellow bar at the top) and getting dice re-rolls, but having all skills with +1 doesn't hurt.
  • For the easiest playthrough pick the mechanic. Between randomly getting scrap and eventually two different sources of scrap generation for dice, you'll be ahead monetarily and able to maintain your performance much earlier than other classes.
  • You can keep playing after most endings (you may need to explicitly reject some), so you can do nearly everything on a single playthrough. There are still endings that are terminal and will be permanently missable, so if you want everything you'll be doing lots of runs.
  • You don't lose when you run out of condition.