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  • The game is essentially a walking (and flying) simulator in an atmospheric setting, and if you just do the delivery jobs to power through the story, you'll miss some of the atmosphere and background so if that's what interests you then wander around, explore and talk to named people to find out more about the world. There are some tasks you can pick up by talking to people in the world, and you'll miss these if you just stick to the delivery jobs from the main story. You can also talk to some people more than once, and sometimes what they say will have changed
  • Further to the above, even when a job sounds like someone wants you to go somewhere or deliver something quickly, there's actually no time pressure except for a specific task where there is a visible timer counting down on screen
  • You can sell various items you find at vendors to get more money. Don't sell Corpsec Flyers, these are useful. There is a use for coolant at one point and broken electronics/batteries at a couple of points. You find way more of those than you will need though so sell most and keep one or two. Other sellable items don't seem to have any use, so just sell them all
  • Prices vary at vendors so if you are worried about running short of money, you can buy at a vendor that sells cheaply and then sell it to one who will pay you more. You probably won't need to do that though, since there isn't much you need to buy other than a couple of things for story purposes and fuel/repairs to your car
  • Other than a couple of points where you're directed to buy a certain food or item from a vendor, the items being sold are just for flavour. You can spend your money on drugs, new clothes and ramen if you want, or not if you don't want to. Clothes (with the exception of a dress and purse) do actually change your appearance if you wear them, other items don't seem to do anything
  • Jobs that have different options for completing them are largely for the player to decide what they feel is right for Rania to do. The different choices don't lock/unlock different sections of game content or make changes in the world beyond sometimes a couple of lines of dialogue and potentially a different cash reward or achievement