Company of Heroes

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  • The game is very specific on what does what. For example: one good sniper will wreck an entrenched .88 or mortar team. Keep him camouflaged and you can wreak havoc.
  • The game is not like other RTS in that you usually can't build just a bunch of one unit and have them steam roll an opponent. Even if you roll out with all of the biggest baddest tanks, a few AT guns and Bazooka/Panzerschrek infantry will tear it apart.
  • Use units as they are meant to be used. Infantry need to flank positions, tanks need to suppress infantry, and AT guns/Machine guns need to be set at choke points with intersecting fields of fire
  • Veterancy means quite a bit. It can be the difference between being wiped out and getting that last AT shot off.
  • Engineers are crucial. If you find yourself in a tough spot, use them to mine areas and build tank traps. They can swing a battle!