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  • Your melee attack can break open glass walls, sometimes allowing you to get into spaces you couldn't otherwise get into yet
  • You'll get new traversal abilities as the game progresses. If you can't get through a certain area, you're probably missing the relevant ability.
  • You'll get enough ability points to completely fill up the whole skill tree.
  • Your telekinetic throw is one of your most effective moves against most enemies, consider upgrading it early.
  • Occasionally check back into the Janitor's Office, there are a few optional side missions there waiting for you. They're not too interesting, but are an easy and chill way to get ability points.
  • There are some areas that the main story won't lead you through, particularly in Research. Feel free to explore.
  • Don't bother spending resources on creating mods, you'll usually find plenty just laying about.
  • Each resource for upgrading your gun and creating mods only drops from particular areas or enemies. Check them in your inventory, there'll be a three letter code telling you where to get it from (e.g. "MTN" means it drops in Maintenance)
  • Experiment with all weapon types to see what suits you, but personally I've found Pierce one of the most valuable because it's the only good way to deal with certain enemy types.
  • The optional time-limited missions are just that, optional. You really don't need to do any of them if they seem like too much of a pain. Same for the Board Countermeasures.
  • There's an after-story free-roam mode where you can finish up the rest of the side missions if you want to.