Crime Boss: Rockay City

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  • You can skip the shader downloading process by pressing escape, but you still have to let it finish downloading on the title screen.
  • Any mission you complete benefits your overall level. Even the tutorial.
  • Objects that are flashing are explosive and have a massive damage radius. Same for vehicles.
  • Breaking objects will alert passing patrols, even if they shouldn't notice it. Same for tossed bags.
  • It is better to deal with cops dropping from helicopters or exiting their vehicle before they organize. You can destroy the cop cars with them inside if you are fast enough.
  • It is more effective to move bags to a defensive spot, discard one, then switch to your main gun to clear a path.
  • The unlocks you get for leveling your overall Boss level can give you more options for the Roguelite campaign.
  • Under Campaign, the Roguelite plotline uses perma-death for that run. It is better to escape from a mission abandoning bags than losing crew.
  • There are plenty of missions you will only see in Roguelite and they are random.
  • The Heat you gain over the day makes missions harder and turf battles will spawn up to three bosses. Safest bet is sticking to one or the other for the day. Making money or spending it expanding turf.
  • Check for an eye icon on missions that indicate whether you can stealth it or it is immediately loud. It might change over time due to events.
  • Buying assets greatly increases the level of your Entourage who provide stacking bonuses in many ways. I would prioritize any card that gives you extra crew slots, extra soldiers, any buffs to soldiers. Losing soldiers are permanent and you are on a semi-flexible timer to finish the campaign.
  • Finishing as many days as you can in campaign gives more Entourage XP than doing every mission, because of scaling and events. The supercar asset is repeatable for each run.
  • Loans are an exploit to buy assets for day 1 starts. Those are permanent upgrades for future runs. When you can't afford the 200k assets, wait a couple days and make larger loans to buy the 400k assets.
  • Cheap crew are an extra body to throw at cops. More crew means better mission success. They won't last long in big fights without levels.
  • Don't war with every gang at once. You can look at their relations to each other on their leader's picture and what their weapon tier is. Avoid fighting the purple turf.
  • Never break a truce.
  • You can win extra territory by isolating one gang's turf from the main. Automatically stops getting invaded as well if you can attack around that turf. You can't move through contested territory.
  • Check the gear of people you can recruit. Some may have powerful items to share when you have not unlocked them yet.
  • Completing Roguelite enough times unlocks several people you can't in MP.
  • You are allowed to fail missions. It sometimes means you need to pay more or take longer to progress.
  • What you should not fail are character missions since they are dead for the campaign. Ranger is going to give you problems.
  • You can take weapons from dead people (such as Heavy cops) and it might be an upgrade worth discarding your weapon for. It's yours to keep for that day.
  • Bots are capable (compared to other heist games) and you can direct them to carry loot or cuff people. They will then guard the area and cuff wandering civilians who are startled. Work with your bots. They don't do so well finding cover when in combat or sneaking long distances without you around.
  • There is a slide you can do by sprinting and crouching. Keep the sprint toggled so you can slide easily. Not in front of cameras or armed people though. Distance really matters.
  • A thrown brick is a great distraction. Kills in one hit even if it bounces off something. Don't let people/cameras see you throw it or other objects.