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  • If you're having trouble on a puzzle, look at the floor. There are usually light visual cues (the lines in ruins, or the positions of rocks) that can help line you up for whatever you're trying to do.
  • Every skill tree has its own counter of SP. They are not shared - there's no reason not to spend on a tree, except where:
  • You will not max out a skill tree without serious post-game levelling. Figure out which moves you like most, and ensure you get those moves. After that, go for stats.
  • The neutral circuit has an HP Regen node. Without it, you don't have any HP Regen in combat except from items, so it's very handy to pick up fairly early.
  • The game says you can only dash 3 times in a row, but it's actually pretty hard to trigger the limit unintentionally because of how quickly it resets, so just play as if the dash was infinite. That said, experiment around with evading attacks in different ways. Some telegraphed attacks need to be dodged with specific timing, some are easier to avoid with just normal running and some will take multiple dodges chained together to fully avoid. Also don't neglect blocking, a surprising number of attacks get their damage negated entirely and it can open up counterattack opportunities, especially on some of the more gimmicky enemies that need to be hit at a particular time or from a specific angle.
  • Any item drops will fly into your pocket even if you leave the screen before they get there. There's no need to hang around after beating enemies and you can harvest plants from a distance just by shooting them.
  • Holding open the quick menu will show enemy levels. It'll also highlight any points of interest for quests that mention searching using your analyzer without having to actually select and open the analyzer itself every time.
  • When eavesdropping on a conversation, the ! and red arrows means there's an opportunity window for Lea to talk to the characters.
  • Lea does less damage while in a party, so you're not hamstringing yourself by being solo, though you do miss out on dialog.
  • Equipment is the main driver of your stats, so make sure to keep them up do date. Usually when entering a new area, you'll be able to buy basic equipment with money after finding the town and get better equipment from the traders at the zone entrance once you've been around a while and got some local resources.
  • The game's pretty good about capping quest chains with unique bosses/dungeons that can make them worth checking out even if you're no longer interested in the reward.