Crow Country

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  • Enemies stay dead but new enemies and traps appear with progress. It's usually worth at least killing the little blob things, since they only take a single handgun bullet and will trip you up as you try to run from larger, deadlier enemies.
  • The camera snaps behind you when you aim. This can be useful for navigation but also means you need to be careful with positioning during fights.
  • Use your environment as much as possible to save ammo. Exploding barrels, blue power panels, and traps will deal huge damage and potentially to multiple enemies. There's usually at least one of those in mandatory fights.
  • Crates, barrels, and trash can contents change depending on your inventory and can only be broken/searched once. Don't bother with them unless you're short on resources or you'll find yourself hurting later. Bottles are similar but you can see their contents ahead of time. Vending machines will only give you resources you are completely out of, but they can do that multiple times. And remember you can always revisit your car for a free clip of handgun bullets if you're empty.
  • There is exactly one door in the game that you open by burning it down. This isn't a mechanic or indicated anywhere else.
  • Notes and tips are collected in binders in save rooms, so you don't need to go backtracking to find a specific clue.