Cultist Simulator

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  • Much like Fallen London, the confusion and obsfuctation is a feature, so don't spoil yourself; Cultist Simulator is secretly a narrative-heavy puzzle game. All tips on this page are related to UI or very basic strategy.
  • Go slow. It's a marathon, not a race.
  • Grab a card to see where it can be put. Click on an empty card space in a window to highlight what cards can go in that slot.
  • A candle below a card window means the card will be consumed.
  • You can do a surprisingly large amount of things while paused, if you have too many things happening at once.
  • Always play the whole game out, even if you're doomed. There's metaprogression.
  • If you get caught up enough in what else you're doing that you forget to go to your job, you will probably lose it.
  • Maintaining your Health is important. Losing Health to Afflictions/Injuries/Hunger is very difficult to reverse, and getting caught without any Health is game over.
  • If you're the kind of person who easily forgets things (such as what you can get from dreaming about Passion, for example), it might pay to pause and take notes.