Curse of the Dead Gods

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  • Be mindful of your stamina, when you are out of stamina you can only run around and basic attack. This isn't a game you can button mash and you will be punished harshly for button mashing.
  • When you kill an enemy it starts a Greed Kill chain. The more enemies you kill in a chain, the more gold you gain. You don't have to kill another enemy to refill the Greed Kill timer, as long as you damage an enemy it will refill the timer.
  • Enemies that are stunned will have a circle above their heads. Keep that in mind because an enemy that isn't stunned can still attack you even if you are hitting them.
  • You can replay levels to get more skulls and rings for progression. If a level is giving you a hard time, replay easier levels to unlock more items.
  • The Parry timing is very tight compared to the dodge timing. It does restore 2 stamina on a perfect parry and puts the enemy into a weakened state though, so it's worth learning eventually.