Daemon X Machina

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  • The Factory is the main way of changing money into new parts; the Shop generally only sells copies of the parts you develop plus processor upgrades.
  • Developing equipment at the factory uses up the base component, takes one mission, and gives you the developed item.
  • This isn't actually Armored Core; equipment sells for about 10% of its purchase price, and you can't buy it back.
  • Lab Upgrades stack, its not choose one like the icons make it look.
  • You will need about 2-3 Legion parts of each armor to develop everything, so if you already have all the parts an enemy has, go for one of those.
  • Weapons on pylons don't use up memory while just sitting there
  • Always Be (ice) Creaming. You get something for it, plus every item you develop gives you a free ice cream!