Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

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  • Keep at least two save files from different areas, ideally near the end of each stage. This can be useful if you forgot to pick up a relic or get a corrupted save.
  • FUCK STAGE FIVE. Stage Five is somewhat infamous for inducing a game-ruining glitch when leaving the collapsing cliff houses. The game may attempt to load the previous area and will hang without fail, locking up the system and requiring it be reset. The best solution is to save either before or at the start of the barricade area. I don't know the cause.
  • Save telekinesis scrolls for use on displaced statues. Statues are usually very happy to be returned to their pedestals.
  • Drop a shield into your hotbar. That's the only way to get the game to remember you were using a shield when you switch away from and back to your melee weapon.
  • The game has a lot of secrets. Explore out of the way spots as often as possible, and you'll generally be rewarded with some neat items. On that note:
  • Once you get the rope bow, use it constantly. If there's vertical space with a wooden surface above you, there's a fair chance it's hiding a secret accessible with the rope.